Guillotine Glass

It is a useful glass model with functionality in a large area made according to the projects in the system. The guillotine glass system is motorized and works together with the automation system. The windows move vertically. Motors allow the windows to move up and down. With the reinforced system, the windows gain mobility. In fact, the most crucial point of this glass system is the fixed glass in the first row of the system. Other movable glasses are pulled over this fixed glass, and therefore, when the system is open, the glasses act as handrails and form guillotine glass. This incredible system is very simple to use and you can learn and use it in seconds.

These glasses, which move automatically and use an automation system, are truly an advanced project product. The glasses in this system can be kept at the desired level by the user. Again, at the request of the user, the glass modules in the system can be adapted to the system as one plus one, one plus two or one plus three. In each option, insulation will be provided under professional conditions. Along with these possibilities, the optional choice of the product makes this product a good opportunity for those who want to manage the product they purchase at every stage.

Guillotine glass is mostly used for windows. You can use the movable handrail system in your home or office instead of a window and have a stylish look. It also provides you convenience in terms of cleaning. You can also get help with room partitions from the guillotine glass system. This type of usage is used in offices rather than homes. If you use guillotine glass in your office, your office will look both stylish and professional. Guillotine glass is also used in shop windows. You can open a partition you want in the shop window, thanks to the movable handrail system. Your store windows will look much better than before. Automatic guillotine glass system is used more in stores. This system, also called automatic handrail, is very suitable for shop use. Guillotine glass prices may be more affordable than the rate of use in workplaces.