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Glass balcony can provide a spacious, aesthetic and new living space. Glass balcony systems contribute to heat and sound insulation in the sections where it is applied. It offers cost-effective solutions according to the preferred system. Folding and sliding system solutions do not spoil the architectural appearance of the buildings.

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The most important detail to be observed when making a glass balcony for your home should be the structural features of the area to be applied. Glass Balcony experts should examine and determine in detail and apply in that way. Glass Balcony Prices

Glass balcony prices vary considerably. There are many reasons for this too. In short, the price of the glass balcony is calculated over square meters. This will be directly related to the size of the balcony of the person who wants to have a glass balcony. In addition, the fact that the facade of the balcony is too high will also affect the price. Naturally, a 3-sided balcony will have more square meters than a single- or two-sided balcony. People can calculate the balcony of their own house in a simple way. For this, the person should measure the facades of the balcony, which he wants to have a glass balcony, with meters. When they add up their meters and multiply by the height of the balcony, they will have briefly calculated the square meters of their balconies. In this way, they will have made the price analysis more or less, since they will give prices over square meters while getting prices from the companies that make glass balconies. However, the square meter of the balcony alone is not sufficient for the glass balcony prices. Because the structure of even the balconies, which are one under the other, differs, the cost of each balcony may be different.

Factors Affecting Glass Balcony Prices

The most important factor affecting the glass balcony prices is naturally square meters. However, the price per square meter is given only for the flat glass balcony. The extra work to be done on this glass balcony will also have a price. For example, when the glass balcony system is used between iron railings, more aluminum joinery will often be required. This will naturally cause the price to increase a little more. Another factor affecting the price will be the shape of the balcony. Since the shape of the balcony will greatly affect the materials to be used, it may cause an increase or decrease in the price. Model selection is also one of the factors affecting the price. Generally, it is seen that the foldable glass balcony is higher in price than the sliding glass balcony. However, in some cases, since the type of balcony is not suitable, the sliding glass balcony may not be made even if the person wishes. Although the color of the glass balcony also affects the price, it is not possible to talk about a great effect. The choice of wick is also one of the factors that affect it. Most people prefer to have a glass balcony made because it is very useful in terms of heat. It is seen that single-glazed glass balconies are also beneficial in terms of heat. However, it is known that in case of choosing a double-glazed glass balcony, much better results are obtained than single glass. This is naturally reflected in the prices, and in double glazing, a click more is required compared to single glazing.

Is Glass Balcony Worth The Price?

People who want to have a glass balcony have the thought of whether the glass balcony is worth the price. Even if people naturally bear a certain cost during the construction of the glass balcony, if they work with a good company, they will receive a service that is worth this price. Thanks to the glass balcony, people will have a very spacious balcony and an area where they can spend 4 seasons. In addition, they will have taken the precaution of bees, insects and pollen that came to their homes from their balconies. In addition, thanks to its security, they will have eliminated the possibility of thieves entering the house from the balcony. Especially for people who have a double-glazed glass balcony, the advantages will be much more. Because, thanks to double glazing, the balconies will reach the required temperature in both winter and summer months. Thus, the person will have a sigh of relief on the balcony, especially on hot summer days, in case he gets bored inside the house. In addition to all these positive effects, it will significantly increase the value of the house as it beautifies the appearance of the house. In other words, having a glass balcony would be a very logical move and it is a service worth the price.